The Bracknell Forest Society

Safeguarding heritage, environment, community and future development


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The Bracknell Forest Society was formed in 2007 and has worked to provide a constructive, independent voice to promote pride in Bracknell Forest and its continuous improvement.

We aim to:

  • Promote high standards of planning and for future developments that enhance and invigorate Bracknell Forest as a place. We review and comment on planning applications that impact on our heritage, public areas and green spaces.
  • Discover, preserve and communicate our history. We organize talks, walks and visits to celebrate our heritage.
  • Increase awareness of and influence current issues affecting Bracknell Forest. We review plans for development of the borough, talk to local councillors and organize open-forums to discuss current issues.
  • Keep our members informed through regular newsletters and our Facebook page.

Membership of TBFS:

Annual membership:
£10 for individual membership.
£15 for family membership.

Click here to download our Membership Application and Standing Order forms.

Benefits of membership:

  • Free entry to the Society's events in Bracknell Forest Borough. These cover the history, nature and changes that are occurring in the area.
  • The Society is represented on many Committees and Steering Groups, so we can make YOUR voice heard.
  • Regular Society newsletters.
  • Feedback to members on contentious issues e.g. the Heathrow flight path plans  in 2019.

Data Protection:

Please click the link to download our Data Protection Policy document and our Procedures  document.